Probiotics are most commonly known for their beneficial health properties when they are consumed. To balance our digestive health, we need to find the right balance of healthy bacteria, resulting in a strong immune system and improved health. Additionally,  good stock of the right bacteria in your gut means they work for you in keeping the nasty ones at bay.

Most of us are familiar with antibiotics and their effect on our guts. When you take antibiotics, they do not differentiate between good and bad bacteria. Unfortunately, this can leave our gut unbalanced and susceptible to overgrowths of bad bacteria which can result in undesired side effects. This is why doctors often recommend taking probiotics while taking antibiotics as a counter-active measure.

This is where confusion sets in. If an unbalanced gut is susceptible to overgrowths of bad bacteria, then how are the surfaces in our homes any different?

The majority of household cleaners spruik the ability to eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria in the home. As consumers, we’ve all been programmed to believe this is a good thing, that we want zero bacteria on our surfaces. But surely, this leaves our ‘clean’ surfaces, unbalanced in the same way antibiotics leave a gut, and therefore susceptible to overgrowths of bad bacteria?

If we eliminate 99.9% of all good and bad bacteria from our surfaces, aren’t we just creating the perfect environment for bad bacteria to regroup and flourish? It makes sense, right?

Just as our guts need the good bacteria to help us ward off the bad guys, the same applies to our surfaces!

So how can you give your home probiotics to turn your rooms and surfaces into happy, healthy ecosystems?

With a probiotic cleaner!

Just like probiotic supplements that makes your tummy healthy, the millions of friendly bacteria in the Probiotic Solutions cleaning range sort out the bad bacteria in your bathrooms, kitchens and laundries leaving you with beautifully clean, long lasting, safe, healthy surfaces.

Furthermore, Probiotic Solutions are made from natural and plant-based formulas so there is no risk of any harmful or toxic chemicals found in many household cleaners. There are also no additives, colourings, synthetic fragrances or allergens. Probiotic Solutions are fragranced with beautifully pure essential oils leaving your home smelling gorgeous! The all-natural ingredients make these probiotic based cleaners safe to use around children and pets in the home.

Mother Nature will thank you for your choice in cleaners also as Probiotic Solutions are made from naturally occurring, non-genetically modified bacteria and wherever possible organic food sources are used. They are entirely biodegradable and safe to use, store and dispose of. Unlike many chemical cleaners, Probiotic Solutions are safe for septic and grey water systems also.

We love Probiotic Solutions and we know if you give them a try you’ll love them too!