Many people laugh at the idea mobile phones could be potentially harmful believing Telcos and regulators have conducted the necessary safety testing proving EMFs as harmless to humans. They really don’t want you to see research such as that released by the long standing study by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) in the US.

The study had been touted as being “one of the biggest and most comprehensive experiments into health effects from cellphones” and consisted of two 10 year US federal studies costing a total $25 million which aimed to look at the effects of different levels of non-ionising radiation exposure (such as that emitted from wi-fi devices) on male and female rats.

Controversy Over NTP Study Findings

In 2016, the NTP had issued a warning to the public about the dangers of mobile phones based on initial research findings.

Around the same time ABC’s Catalyst aired a program titled “Wi-Fried” presenting research linking heavy mobile phone usage, to malignant gliomas, a type of brain tumour, amongst other things. With such high stakes involved in the telecommunication industry, the subsequent media fallout that followed this documentary was hardly surprising with headlines such as “ABC’s Catalyst program under attack for a controversial scare program” and “Prominent scientists attack program as incorrect and unscientific”.

More surprising though was that early in 2018 with the release of the formal draft reports, the NTP made a U-turn on their initial findings, stating that using a mobile phone “is not a high-risk situation.” Henceforth followed the infuriating Australia media reports where the take home message was that mobile phone use was still OK. The Weekly Times headlined “New study reveals information about the hazards of mobile phone use but it might not be so bad” and quoted NTP senior scientist John Bucher spruiking “I have not changed the way I use a cellphone”.

Unfortunately, if you delve deeper and actually read the results of the study for yourself, you will discover that the above reports are misleading. The research had actually demonstrated an increase in cardiomyopathy, a disease that causes damage to heart tissue, as well as increases in lymphoma, lower birth weights, DNA damage as well as increased incidences of two types of tumours, glioma and schwannomas, in the rats exposed to the radiation.

Get the right information

Although the mainstream media outlets continue to allow bias to infiltrate their journalism, there are plenty of sources of information that provide all the findings in their entirety and more recently, the results of the independent peer review reports on the study.

We all have the right to this information so that we can be properly informed about mobile phones and wi-fi devices and their potential health effects so we can make choices about how we adapt and choose to use these devices in our homes, schools and workplaces. So, my advice to anyone who will listen is to do the research yourself and make your own mind up. Here’s some good articles to start with:

Protect youself

If you have done your homework and are now concerned about what you can do to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation, start here to learn some of the basics you can implement to protect yourself. You can also check out some of our products such as mobile phone cases that shield EMF radiated from your phone, air tube headsets so you are not conducting the EMF straight into your brain when you do need to use your phone, smart meter shields and other devices to help your body cope better with the wi-fi exposure you have no control over.

The most significant thing you can do though is a simple one – switch off where you can (your devices I mean)… Resist the urge to fill your home with every new wi-fi or wireless device no matter how impressive they seem.

It seems the evidence now supports the sentiment that your body will thank you in the long run!