I’m not a laundry lover. There’s a million things I can think of that I’d rather do! Alas, it is an unrelenting task that can’t be escaped. Not even on holidays as I discovered last week after a week away. 8 loads later and I was still washing to catch up! Argh!!! 😫

I do have some savings graces, however. Some rituals I have adopted in my laundry that make me feel good and therefore make the task a little more bearable. So today I’d like to share these with you…

1) Use a natural laundry detergent

My son has sensitive skin, so even before I discovered the harmful effects of sulfates, synthetic fragrances and phthalates (common in many commercial laundry detergents), I was already researching natural laundry detergent alternatives, and I’ve tried many.

To be honest, I can’t go past good old bi-carb soda and white vinegar! It’s just so cheap and easy! Just put a couple of tablespoons of bi-carb in your front loader detergent draw or in the top of your top loader with your clothes, then add about half a cup of white vinegar to your fabric softener dispenser. I promise your clothes won’t come out smelling like vinegar, but they will be clean and they won’t have any nasty residues on them!

If you prefer a premixed laundry detergent, there are some great brands out there. Just make sure they contain only natural ingredients on the labels. I like Organic Clean Laundry Liquid. Soap nuts are another good option too.

If you like to pre-soak or want to add a bit of an extra stain removing boost, Wooly Mates does a great Pure Natural Oxy Bleach Laundry Soaker made from 100% Sodium Percarbonate which is safe for animals, plants and humans and acts a disinfectant on most bacteria and viruses. I sometimes make a bi-carb and vinegar paste to rub on to stubborn stains prior to washing also.

2) Use essential oils to scent your clothes

Because I don’t use commercial laundry detergents and opt for the very basic bi-carb soda and vinegar option to wash my clothes, I like to scent my washing with essential oils. I do this in a couple of ways.

My first option is to add about 5 or so drops to the fabric softener dispenser along with my white vinegar. If you don’t want to use white vinegar, you can still add the essential oils to the fabric softener dispenser with about half a cup of water.

My favourite oil blends for scenting my clothes are Lively Living’s Romance Blend which is a beautiful combination of Lavender, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang and Breathe Blend for a fresh scent of Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange and Lemon. Lively Living’s essential oils are made from premium grade, 100% pure & certified organic essential oil. You can view more of their blends here.

The second way I scent my clothes with essential oils is by adding a few drops to my woollen dryer balls before tossing my clothes into the tumble dryer. Wooly Mates make excellent dryer balls from Australian wool (I’m married to a sheep farmer so this is very important!! 😉) and although I don’t dry all my clothes in the dryer, if I do choose to use the dryer then dryer balls are great because they help reduce static and drying time.

3) Sun dry where possible!

My favourite part about doing the laundry is hanging the clothes out on the line on a sunny day. I really take the time to enjoy the fresh air and the sun on my face, and if you can stand bear footed on the grass while you work it’s even better!

Your clothes like the sun too!

Apart from the obvious savings in electricity and wear and tear on your garments, line drying clothes has some added benefits also. The sun is an effective bleaching agent, especially for organic stains like blood and tomato and the ultra-violet rays in sunlight help disinfect laundry too. Probably why line dried washing always smells so good!

Are you particular about how you hang your clothes on the line, like I am? I like to hang mine in a order with all the pants together and all the tops together etc, and I like to use my biodegradable clothes pegs. I have a friend who has to use the same coloured peg on each side of a garment.

Drop me an email and share your laundry hanging quirks – I’d love to hear from you!