I recently conducted a survey where I asked people how concerned they were with different types of toxins, and how familiar they were with certain products that I recommend to help people reduce their exposure to those toxins.  The results were resoundingly clear when it came to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs).  

85% of respondents were concerned to some degree with EMFs, but a huge 67% of those indicated that they had no idea where to start when it came to implementing solutions.  

Furthermore, when asked about Air Tube Headsets specifically, a whopping 69% of survey participants admitted they had no idea what Air Tube Headsets were.

So, I thought I’d take a moment to explain some of the basic questions I get asked a lot like what is an Air Tube Headset, what makes them different from regular headphones, and the best Air Tube Headphones to buy for your situation.

What are Air Tube Headphones?

Air Tube Headphones, also referred to as an Anti Radiation Air Tube Headset or RF Safe Air Tube Headset, act exactly like regular headphones but have additional features which provide protection from the Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) that are emitted from your mobile phone or device.  I’m not going to get into the specifics of why EMF is harmful in this particular blog, but if you are new to this concept and are interested in finding out more about EMF, I suggest you read my previous blog post on EMF Basics.

What’s Wrong With Using Regular Headsets?

Mobile phones basically act like a radio to communicate with the closest mobile phone tower.  These days they all have internal antennas that transmit this signal.  I don’t know about you, but when I think of an antenna I still think of the long stringy wire like the one on my old radio from the 90s.  Antennas like this work because the wire is a good conductor.

This forms the basis of the argument as to why regular headsets are no good at protecting you from EMF.  They are made from… you guessed it… wire!  They act like an antenna and conduct the EMF directly from the phone all the way into your ear!  You may feel like you are doing the right thing by using standard wired headsets because you are keeping the phone a distance from your body when it’s in use (which is an excellent tip by the way), but in actual fact you are not achieving anything as the EMF is travelling straight up your cable and into your ear anyway.

So How Do Headphones Become Anti Radiation Headphones?

You can rest assured that your headphones are emf safe headphones if they have the following qualities:

  1. At least 15cms of hollow air tubes from the speaker box to the ear bud to ensure no EMF is transmitted to the brain.
  2. Shielded wire from the plug to the speaker box to ensure no EMF leakage along the length of the cable.

Everything else is pretty much the same.  You can plug them into anything with a regular headphone jack (I use mine with my iPhone via a lightning adaptor) and they come with a speaker so you can use them to make phone calls.

That’s it really!  Ultimately they are a pretty simple yet effective protection device, reducing your EMF exposure by a massive 99%!

What About Sound Quality?

Most people are surprised about how good the sound quality is considering the Air Tube Headsets offer nothing but hollow tubes to transmit sound.  Whilst they won’t compare with the likes of Bose, they are remarkably effective.  Checkout this review I had recently from Pamela…

“I love the new headphones I have for my mobile. I can hear well – much better than when I put people on speaker. And the headphones seem to be strong and sturdy enough to withstand a lot of use!”

The speaker is pretty good too actually.  My voice always comes though loud and clear when I’m talking on the phone.

Types of Air Tube Headsets

The most common and inexpensive type is your regular bud type headphones such as these ones.  You can also find ones with a sport hook over the ear incase you need a bit more staying power and plan on using them in active situations.

You can also get over the ear headphones which are a great option for kids.  

Final Notes

My final word of advice is to keep in mind where you have your phone whilst you are using your headsets.  If you are storing it in you pocket or your bra strap, you will still be giving yourself a harmful dose of EMF.  It is best to keep your phone away from your body when in use – the further the better!  If that is not possible, just make sure you have it in an EMF safe cover such as the SafeSleeve Mobile Phone Case.

So there you have it.  Hopefully you’ve learnt something new today, or maybe you’re inspired to pick up a set of Air Tubes for yourself! If so, check out the links to the ones I recommend below…