I saw an awesome quote on instagram the other day. It was “The world doesn’t need a few people doing zero waste perfectly, it needs millions of people doing it imperfectly.” It inspired me to write this post because it is so true!

Sometimes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed – the problem is too big so we just ignore it entirely. Or we feel so insignificant – like as if that one straw is going to make a difference. Honestly, I’ve felt these feelings too, but having changed some of my habits, I have to say that I love feeling like I’m doing my bit. It’s so empowering! I highly recommend making these small swaps. They’re super easy and you’ll feel like a planet warrior. 💪

1) Coffee Cup

This one is a no brainer, right? Most cafes are used to the BYO coffee cup and you can even pick one up in Woolies. I like these ones made from high quality, non-porous borosilicate glass, but anything that saves a cup to landfill is fine by me!

2) Straw

Do you think of turtles every time you see a plastic straw these days? I do! The solution? Just keep one of these in your handbag and remember to order your drink without the straw. They come with a little brush and carry pouch to keep them clean. Super easy.

3) Cutlery

Along with my straw and coffee cup, I always have a set of reusable cutlery in my bag. Much better than those pathetic plastic utensils anyway!

4) Water Bottles

I know I sounds like I’m stating the obvious here, but Australian’s are still sending approximately 373 millions plastic water bottles to landfill each year. Apart from the obvious environmental impacts, there are other considerations as well as I mention in my previous blog “Do you buy bottled water? You could be drinking plastic…” If you buy water because your water quality isn’t great, perhaps think about investing in a water filter instead? The health benefits of doing so are fantastic, and it is more cost effective in the long run anyway!

5) Grocery Bags

Did you know that approximately 3.92 billion plastic bags are consumed in Australia each year?! It takes a little getting used to remembering to pack them, but taking your own bags to the supermarket is such an easy thing to do and the impact is huge! I love my Seed & Sprout Farmer’s Market set – it comes complete with 10 net produce bags as well. You might have your bags sorted but just need something for your fruit and vege? Check out these light as a feather produce bags.

6) Glad Wrap

There are heaps of cool alternatives to Glad Wrap these days. How about using a container instead? Or, if you are after a wrap specifically, then what about Bees Wax Wraps, or Silicone Food Wrap? For cut fruit or veggies, these Food Huggers are handy, and in some cases you might find these Reusable Silicone Ziplock Bags work a treat!

7) Baking Paper / Aluminium Foil

This one is super easy! These Silicone Sheets are oven safe and perfect for roasting vegies on or baking a batch of cookies.

8) Dish Brushes and Sponges

Instead of buying your regular plastic dish brush or scourer, why not give one of these eco friendly, coconut fibre options a go? They’re naturally antibacterial, long lasting and biodegradable. They’re also free from nasty micro-plastics. I also love using old cloth nappies or cut up old towels for cleaning around the house as well.

9) Smoothy Cup

My kids and I love grabbing a fresh juice or smoothy as a treat when we are out, and even though I had our own stainless steel straws I still felt guilt over the massive plastic cups they were served in! Enter the latest and greatest from Cheeki – the Reusable Insulated Tumbler! It’s a little harder to just carry around with you at all times just in case, so a little foresight is necessary, however these cups are so awesome they are worth the extra effort! Leak proof and stylish, these tumblers will keep your beverage cold too so you can bid those horrid plastic cups goodbye with a smile!

10) Toothbrush

According to 1millionwomen.com.au over 30 million toothbrushes are used and disposed of each year in Australia amounting to approximately 1000 tonnes of landfill annually. Luckily there is an easy and simple swap. These toothbrushes are made from bamboo which is both sustainable and biodegradable. When you’re finished with it, just shave off the bristles and pop it in your compost bin!

So, there you have it! Super easy ways to reduce your plastic use. Got tips of your own? Drop me a line at [email protected]!