Scientists Petition United Nations On EMF Regulations

I was excited to learn today about a petition recently submitted to the United Nations and World Health Organization urging them to review current safety standards and guidelines for limiting exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). The petition has been signed by 250 scientists from 40 countries including our own Charlie Teo, current Director at the […]

What is an Air Tube Headset?

I recently conducted a survey where I asked people how concerned they were with different types of toxins, and how familiar they were with certain products that I recommend to help people reduce their exposure to those toxins.  The results were resoundingly clear when it came to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs).   85% of respondents were concerned to […]

Why Smart Meters Are A Really Dumb Idea…

Smart meters are rolling out all over the country now with many utility companies adopting a ‘no-opt-out’ approach to their installation.  Some people claim to have had a smart meter installed at their home without even being notified.  Have you checked your meter box recently?  If not, go and check it now or check when […]

Is your phone really safe? The research that has the Telcos backpedalling

This blog has been some time in coming. I wanted to write about the findings of a long standing study by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) in the US which have recently been released. The study had been touted as being “one of the biggest and most comprehensive experiments into health effects from cellphones” and […]

EMF Basics

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field and is the radiation that surrounds all electrical appliances and devices, power lines, and home wiring and is emitted by communications devices, including mobile phones and radio, TV, and WiFi transmitters.  It is a perhaps the most dangerous and damaging form of pollution facing people every day and yet it is […]