Along with being a massive fan of Lively Living and their beautiful range of essential oils and the best diffusers on the planet, I also like to mix up my oils with the beautiful range offered by doTERRA.

Why should you choose doTERRA oils?

There’s no doubt that doTERRA produce beautiful, clean, pure oils. Every single batch of doTERRA essential oil is put through a rigorous testing process and Certified Pure Tested Grade. There’s no fillers, fake fragrance or synthetic ingredients to be seen and all doTERRA oils are ethically sourced. So I guess the more obvious question is, why not?

How do you purchase?

You can purchase your doTERRA Essential oils at full retail price direct from my doTERRA shop, but I if you think you’ll be a regular purchasers, then the best way is to set up your own wholesale account. By doing this, you will save 25% of all your future purchases. You do NOT need to place an order every month or on-sell to friends or family, you simply get to save 25%.

There are no hidden catches – I promise!

What’s in it for you if you join?

By creating an account with doTERRA you will instantly save 25% off all your future orders. You also gain access to exclusive free & discount product offers every month as part of the Loyalty Rewards Program.

One monthly Loyalty Rewards Order totalling 125pv (this will all make sense after you join, but trust me – it’s easy!) or more that processes on or before the 15th of each month will include a free product!

It only costs $35 to enrol (once off), but this fee is waived if you decide to purchase an enrolment kit when you join. You can check out all the different enrolment kits here.

Where do you sign up?

Right here! Click on the ‘JOIN doTERRA’ button to sign up.A new window will open so you can refer to the simple steps below to walk you through the process. By following this link, you will become a member of my doTERRA team and I’ll help you along the way with information that will help you get the most out of your doTERRA membership. Of course, if ever you need any help you can just email me at

Sign up steps

Click the button above to launch the doTERRA sign up page.

Select your language and country of residence (very self-explanatory).

Choose where your orders will come from. If you live in Australia choose – ‘Local (OTG) Order: Select this option if you wish to order your items from an Australian Warehouse in Australian Dollars’.If you are outside of Australia select the country which best suits you.

Choose between a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate. Both of these entitle you to a 25% discount on all products but will NOT obligate you in any way to minimum purchases, monthly spends or selling to your friends.
However, if you think you might like to start your own doTERRA business select Wellness Advocate. If you have no interest in setting up a doTERRA business select Wellness Customer. Rest assured that you can always switch over later if you change your mind.

Next you’ll be asked to fill out a short application form with your personal details. If the form asks you to enter a Sponsor ID, mine is 5583001.It is important you use this ID to join my team. Continue down the form to ‘create a password’. This is your private password for your Virtual Office, where you will be able to place future orders and track past orders. Please keep this password safe.

Read the Online Terms and Conditions and tick the box to agree.

Next you get to choose what products you’d like to purchase for your first order – yay! The most popular is an enrolment kit because they are really great value and an easy and affordable way to start your collection and as I mentioned above, if you opt to purchase these at registration, the $35 enrolment fee is waived.

Of course, if you don’t want to purchase an enrolment kit, you don’t have to. You can choose to pay the enrolment fee of $35 by selecting “Introductory Enrolment Packet” and complete your registration with no products, or you can add individual products along with your $35 fee.To add products just type the first 3 or 4 letters of a product and the field will automatically give you options to choose from. If you need help at this stage, please touch base with me.

STEP 8 – totally optional
Set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (also referred to as LRP) – this is the program that entitles you to monthly rewards in the form of freebies and discounts. Although completely optional, I recommend setting up your LRP from day one.

Basically, if you set up your LRP order, you’ll be asked to select a date which is the date your next order will be shipped. You can change this date, change your order or cancel your LRP at any time – you are never locked into anything with doTERRA!

You’ll learn more about LRP and rewards as you continue your doTERRA journey with me, so even if you just file it away in the back of your mind for the time being, know that in the future it will all make sense!

Pop the champagne! If your order is complete you’re now part of my team! You will now receive ongoing support from me via email to help you get the most out of your doTERRA membership.

I’m excited for you and can’t wait for you to get started using your oils!

Remember, I’m always here to help!