Since using them I don’t smell dog in the house!

Fiona F / Verified Buyer

These bags are the safest for pets & I’m so happy with the results.

Louise M / Verified Buyer

I love that these are sustainable AND compostable!!

Christie G / Verified Buyer

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Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags

The Moso Bag, made with 100% natural Moso bamboo charcoal, contains millions of tiny little pores that can attract and absorb everything out of the air like a magnetic sponge.
Chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic, it is a safe and effective way to eliminate pet odours and allergens from your home.

If you haven’t discovered these yet, here’s why you’ll love them:

✔️ Safe, non-toxic odour elimination (great for pets, gym bags, car, shoe closet)

✔️ Absorbs odours, allergens, pollutants, and bacteria from the air

✔️ No smell and no synthetic fragrances required!

✔️ Cost effective – each bag lasts for 2 years

✔️ Sustainably produced and eco-friendly – return the contents to your garden at the end of its life for a real boost

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Hi, I’m Christie, founder of Pure Space Solutions.

Do you ever feel a little self conscious when you have visitors over, worried that your home may not smell as nice as it could? I know I do now and then, with the kids sport bags, the dog inside, the cat’s litter tray and my husband’s work boots, can you blame me? Also, I live in a cold climate so it’s especially hard in Winter to air the house out.

Like me, you may have fallen into the trap of buying expensive air freshener products that you inherently know are toxic and doing nothing more than masking the odour. As I’ve come to learn, even beautiful, expensive candles are really hazardous for our health and that of our children and pets especially!
So what can we do?

Well, I discovered Moso Natural Bamboo Charcoal Bags and as many of my customers report, they will help you rid your home of smelly odours by targeting air born pollutants, bacteria and allergens.
Best of all, because they’re non-toxic, you can rest assured that they are safe to use around your family & pets, and environmentally friendly too!

I love that they are produced sustainably, and gives back to nature at their end of their life when you sprinkle the content on the soil in your garden.

So much to love so why not give Moso Natural Bags a try for yourself!

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